About the Authors

Georgio Rodriguez is a Director of Photography from Asbury Park, NJ currently living in Orlando, FL. Georgio has been in the film and Television industry for fourteen years and has contributed to many Emmy award winning TV shows.

Georgio and Royal
Kristan and Royal

Kristan Rodriguez is an elementary school teacher from Detroit, MI currently living in Orlando, FL with her husband Georgio and their son Royal. Kristan has been a teacher for five years and is very passionate about the upbringing and the future of her students.

Even with their busy careers, Georgio and Kristan wrote their first book to impact many lives across the globe. Their motivation came from their heartfelt journey that led to an amazing miracle. The goal to restore hope in the lives of many came from their own personal experiences to restore their faith and hope.

Georgio and Kristan enjoy traveling the world and exploring new places, getting involved in church activities, and spending time with family and friends. Georgio and Kristan value their personal relationship with God and their love for impacting lives through him.